Tags: [[ERC1155 Multi token]] [[NFT Standards]] [[Multi token]] [[collectible]] [[tokenID]] [[final]] [[standard extension]] The most of tokens deploys only single type of token to Ethereum In economics fungibility is the property of a good which those goods are interchangeable. ## Why [[ERC721]] would not work and [[ERC1155]] needs to be created [[Simple-explanantion]] [[ERC721]] is a single token standard, if there is a game and player owns 100.000 different items of a game it means that the player or a game desinger would need to create 100.000 full smart contracts for the game. It's like request to buy a new laptop for every item created in a game. The costs of deploying 100.000 full smart contracts to blockchain would make impossible for any game studio to manage. ## [[Fuctions]] ### [[Storing the data]] [[ERC1155]] stores the items in a single smart contract with the minimum possible amount of data needed to recognise (distinguish) the token from others. The contract state contains configuration data per [[Token ID]] and all the behavior governing the collection. ### [[Atomic swaps - trading multiple items]] [[ERC1155]] Simplifies [[trading]] multiple items by [[batch]] the items into one contract and swapping them as a batch. Swapping tokens in 2 steps and 1 tx instead of 4 tx and X amount of steps depending on the amount of items that you wish to swap. ### [[Multi Transfers]] No need to confirm every item, instead you can [[batch]] the items into one or multiple accounts in a single tx. ### [[Unification]] Each item has its own unique identity and can be traded, indexed and fully fungible with others Source: https://blog.enjincoin.io/erc-1155-the-crypto-item-standard-ac9cf1c5a226 # ERC1155 JSON Format Stores: - name - decimals - description - image - properties - localization Supporting only image files (images) # [[further reading]] Full EIP Implementation and code: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/1155 Full EIP implemented: https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-1155 [[OpenSea]] implementation: https://github.com/ProjectOpenSea/opensea-erc1155 Simple explanation and implementation: https://soliditydeveloper.com/erc-1155 ERC1155 metadata URI Token Schema: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-1155.md#erc-1155-metadata-uri-json-schema